The Rise of Automation and the Fall of Customer Servicing for Globe Telecoms

The rise of automation and decline of customer servicing for Globe Telecoms

With all the technology automation available for companies, does Customer Servicing really have to decline? Does this mean the Rise of Automation and Fall of Customer Servicing?

Globe Telecoms has been upgrading their system every now and then, but their latest update shocked me. This is a classic example of the rise of automation and fall of customer servicing.

I received a text message just today from Globe, informing me about disconnecting my services from one of my multiple globe accounts. By that time I received the message, all my outgoing globe services have been disconnected.

The case of Globe Telecom was an obvious example of the rise of automation and the decline of customer servicing. Their systems was automated but they did it at the expense of their loyal postpaid customers who might probably been busy and forgot to pay on time. Many case i missed the due date and did not want to enroll in an automatic debit arrangement for reasons that Globe has been putting erroneous charges on my bill, for services i don’t use and already requested to be removed.

It was very easy for Globe to disconnect my line after missing the due date by less than a month. Asked Globe’s customer servicing that “everything” was automated and that they had “no control” about it. I have been a loyal customer of Globe for more than 5 years, maintaining several accounts with them. But after this automation that they did, I am thinking of going for Smart instead.

How it could have been done better?

I also have a postpaid line or two in Smart. Here is what they do. They put in automations to remind subscribers of their missed due dates. An automated voice messaging system calls your number to remind you. They also send several sms. They never cut my line. That was the reason I went for Postpaid instead of Prepaid to have peace of mind for continuity of my telco services.

Globe did the opposite. They cut the postpaid line when the new bill was generated. Maybe it is an attempt to cut down on losses due to unsettled balances. But this pissed me off. I was a loyal paying customer after so many years and only 1 account was not enrolled in automatic debit. In my honest opinion, Globe’s customer service has been on the decline. Whether its management’s decision to automate to cut down on losses, or just missing out on making sure customers get the services they deserve, the truth of the matter is, they now disconnect postpaid lines leaving paying customers unable to use their postpaid accounts, trying to reach a globe store to pay and restore their services. You have been warned.

What can you say about Globe Telecom and their Customer Service? Leave your comments.

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