Real Value of Social Media for your Business in 2019

It might not come as a surprise but everyone, businesses and individuals, is on SOCIAL MEDIA. So what is the Real Value of Social Media for Businesses in 2019?

In this blog post, we visually show you just how important SOCIAL MEDIA is for your BRAND. What you should be doing RIGHT NOW to make your SOCIAL MEDIA stand out from the competition.

real value of social media by mrdzyn studio
The Real Value of Social Media by MRDZYN Studio
What is the Real Value of Social Media for your Business this 2019? We highlight some known facts why you should be focusing on Social Media for your Business in 2019.

Everyone is on FACEBOOK

A lot of Businesses have already set SHOP in FB. Social Selling has been growing and soon enough it might overtake dedicated eCommerce platforms. Even by the sheer number of users alone.
Photographer: Alex Haney | Source: Unsplash

Everyone is on MOBILE

Having a mobile first strategy is a good FIRST STEP. Catching users visually on IG is one of the BEST ways to socialize with your CUSTOMER
Checking Her Smartphone
Photographer: Daria Nepriakhina | Source: Unsplash

Everyone is looking for INSPIRATION

Maximizing your Brand exposure to is probably the BEST reason why many marketers work on improving their PINs.
Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it
Photographer: Annie Spratt | Source: Unsplash

Everyone is UPDATED

A lot of people have cancelled their daily newspaper print subscription. They just opted to create an account on Twitter, probably the most “updated” place for every bit of news in the world.
Using Web on iPad
omPhotographer: Taras Shypka | Source: Unsplash
If we have not yet convinced you yet, then we leave you an article we found you might find useful. Why your Brand should start optimizing and taking advantage of Social Media for your Business this 2019. This infographic is based on the article by Marketing Insider Group.
Why Social Media is Important for Business Marketing
Why Social Media is Important for your Business Marketing Infographic designed by MRDZYN Studio
If you feel stuck with your Social Media, do drop us a line or chat with us, we are ALWAYS happy to help!

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